My First Love

My First Love

Psalm 51:12

“Restore to me the joy of Your salvation,
And uphold me by Your generous Spirit.”


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Today’s Devotional
We go through things in life that take us away from the pure love of God. We cannot compare what goes on with our friends and family to how God loves us. Worship him as if no one has every hurt you.

Restore my soul Oh Lord. Renew in me your spirit so that I can live for you with a pure heart. In Jesus Name, Amen!

Go Deeper
Does your praise change when you are going through something negative?
What can you do to make sure your praise stays the same through the different seasons in life?

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Imagine life as a game… and your number is called. What is your move? Change can’t happen and the team doesn’t win without every player! God wants you in the game and through Him, you can reach your full potential. This team needs you, this is your chance to make an impact. So, get off the sidelines and GET IN THE GAME. God is calling you off the bench to be a Game Changer.

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