Prayer of Healing, Restoration, and Rest

Prayer of Healing, Restoration, and Rest

God, I ask you now in Jesus name I ask you for my family, this circle of believers that are doing everything they can to live God-pleasing lives here in this earth. I just ask you right now God that you would go deep into their souls.

I pray for the lonely, the ones who feel they are walking through life alone that they feel they don’t have a lot of support or don’t have a lot of relationship or don’t have a lot of people to lean on. I pray for your visitation, I pray for you to come in a very special way and you even said you would let angels minister to us and there are ministering spirits. I pray that you send angels to make them aware that they are not alone but that you are very much with them. And open their eyes like Elisha and they know that there are more with them than there are against them.

I thank you for those Lord, today that are weathering with great faith and great patience some physical infirmity or affliction or some ailment. And I ask that you show them your healing power and let the book of their life show how somebody can walk through this gracefully and believe you all the way until the place of healing and wholeness has come.

To those who have suffered great loss thank you that there is restoration and there may be an enemy that took it away but there is a God that can give it back many fold and I thank you for that.

And I pray for any of those God about their future and they are approaching it with anxiety and fear, that they would put all the unknowns in your hand and know that you care more about them than they care about you. And it’s safe to let their life rest in Gods hands. I give each and every one of these people and I thank you this is going to be a great weekend in Jesus name, Amen!


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